■ Sports Therapy

Exercise therapy is the use of exercise to treat and prevent disorders and diseases. Among the adult diseases, lack of exercise has been revealed as an important factor in the occurrence of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and ischemic heart disease. Even if you take care of your diet, you cannot maintain good health unless the energy you consume from food and the energy you expend through exercise are in balance.

After a week of being in bed due to illness, you may feel tired or unable to move as much as usual, and you may feel that your strength, muscle power, and endurance have declined. If we don't use the functions we have, they will deteriorate at an alarming rate alarmingly. It is important to start with light exercise but never overdo it and gradually increase the amount of exercise according to your physical condition.

Muscle mass increases during the growth period and then decreases with age. However, unlike bones, muscle is a tissue that can be increased by training at any age.