Question & Answer

  • ■ Frequently asked questions about the effects of medical marijuana.
  • Q1). For what kinds of diseases/symptoms can patients receive medical marijuana prescriptions?
    A1). The majority of patients who receive medical marijuana treatment are cancer patients. Moreover, most of them are stage 3 or 4 patients. The ingredients in marijuana are said to be effective in reducing the side effects of anti-cancer treatments, and it has been confirmed that in some cases the tumors become smaller. Other than cancer, there are also many patients with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cerebral palsy, autism and ADHD in children. It is also thought to be effective in treating psychological symptoms such as insomnia, depression, emotional instability, and irritability. If you are an angry person, suffer from anxiety or negative thinking, or if you have insomnia and rely on alcohol or sleep aids, medical marijuana is said to be worth a try.

    Q2). Does medical marijuana work on cancer patients?
    A2). Many cancer patients have lost weight due to lack of appetite and severe pain, but there have been reports that using marijuana has helped them sleep better, have a good appetite, reduced pain and inflammation, and their muscles moved normally. Medical marijuana is thought to be very effective in treating various symptoms of cancer.

    Q3). What kind of medical marijuana will be prescribed?
    A3). The Thai Ministry of Health classifies medical marijuana into three categories: CBD* (Cannabidiol), THC* (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and cannabinoids, and those that contain both. In Europe and the United States, cannabis is used as a medicine. In Europe and the United States, some countries prescribe cannabis buds as medical marijuana, but this is not the case in Thailand.

    *CBD (Cannabidiol) has no psychotropic effects and is so low in toxicity that it is treated as a health food in Japan.
    *THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychotropic ingredient, and it is the pharmacological effect of THC that causes the euphoria from ingesting cannabis.

    Q4). I have known that medical marijuana is effective for treating autism in children. What is the minimum age to receive medical marijuana treatment in Thailand?
    A4). There is no age limit.But, it depends on the doctor's diagnosis for children with immature bodies.

    Q5). Is it possible to become intoxicated by using medical marijuana?
    A5). Whether there are any side effects such as euphoria regarding medical marijuana varies from person to person. As for the amount of marijuana to be consumed, the prescription will start with a small amount to find the right amount under the diagnosis of a doctor. So there is no need to worry about intoxication.

    Q6). Is there anything I should not do after taking the drug?
    A6). Drinking alcohol and going out (driving cars, motorcycles, etc.) are strictly prohibited after taking the drug.

    Q7). What is the form of medical marijuana (liquid? solid?) and how is it taken (smoking, drinking, eating or applying)?
    A7). With the guidance of a physician, you can usually take CBD & THC oil in liquid form.

    Q8). There are three types of medical marijuana products, how do you use them?
    A8). The Thai Ministry of Health considers medical marijuana to have three different types of potency: THC, CBD, and a 1:1 mix of THC and CBD. There is some accumulation of medical experience as to what types of symptoms can be prescribed to patients.

    Q9). Who makes the medical marijuana products? Are they legal products in Thailand?
    A9). Medical marijuana products are made by the Thai government's GPO (The Government Pharmaceutical Organization). Only hospitals and clinics with a medical marijuana license can purchase medical marijuana products from the GPO and prescribe them to patients.

    Q10). There are a lot of CBD oils available on Rakuten Market?
    A10). In terms of CBD oil alone, Japan is much more widespread than Thailand. In Japan, CBD is less regulated than in Thailand, and CBD-infused oils and foods are readily available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Rakuten. On the other hand, in Thailand, you can get a prescription from a licensed medical marijuana clinic or hospital, which will prescribe not only CBD oil but also three other medical marijuana products.