■ 60 days course 399,000 Baht

Restore your health with diet, sleep, exercise and medical marijuana.
For those who have been told that they have little time left to live, or are suffering from adult diseases, cancer, or intractable diseases.
KAMIWAZA Medical Tour 60 days course to your young healthy body.

★ Basic Course Contents

  1. Accommodation at the Combi Enpark Hotel (communication and utility costs to be borne by you).
  2. Nurse Health check every morning (temperature, blood pressure, measurement) Accompaniment during hospital visits.
  3. Interpreter: Japanese descent
  4. Entertainment, live Japanese TV, initial cost, viewing fee.
  5. Meals, every dinner Japanese catered lunch box.
  6. Medical care, regular checkups (3 times a month), transportation, etc. (medical fees are borne by you).
    Medical examination and transportation fee to Dr. Daycha, the leading medical marijuana doctor in Thailand.
  7. Sleep, sleep data collection, analysis, etc.
  8. Sports, gym, instructor 1-2 times per week, 45 minutes per session.
    Swimming, instructor, once a week, 45 minutes
    Yoga, instructor 60 minutes once a week.
    (yoga, which combines breathing and postures, relaxes the body and mind and helps to regulate mental and physical disorders. Even beginners will be guided with kindness and care.)

▼ Self-pay items and other options

  • Thai cell phone contract or pocket WIFI contract (any cost to be borne by you).
  • Health checkup Samitivej Hospital basic course (once every 30 days) Health measurement check (see attached price list)
  • Breakfast and lunch (about 100 Baht if you take hotel restaurant).
  • Massage (actual cost).
  • VISA medical visa (actual cost).
  • Other sightseeing, shopping (actual cost).
  • Accompanying interpreter for optional services (additional hourly fee).